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Employee Resourcing


The process is attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications, to apply for jobs with an organisation. Most organisations have to have a very critical selection process for each of the position regardless of the position or the level the candidate might be joining. Why you might wonder? This is due to the fact that each person abilities, skills, commitment and goals will differ. The following assignment is going to be based in the FMCG industry for one of the largest companies of Unilever UK and Ireland which requires a candidate for its Brand Manager Position.


The position of manager to a FMCG is to handling and a separate account which the manager will have to ensure the marketing, the market readiness and the availability of products on the shelves are present and that purchasing power of the customer are met (Unilever, 2014).

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Unilever has been employing a lot of graduate to their graduate programme and in doing so they are able to attain professionals to be moulded into their organisation as well as bring them, to the forefront of the companies’ developments to engage them and utilise their drive, efficiency and innovations. The type of operation the company handles in fast moving consumer bases good in food, health care, personal grooming, water, oral care, skin care, toilet care etc. The company has an active base 1100 of employees working with them and others indirectly working such as supplier’s distributors etc. (, 2014)

However, for recruitment outside of the ground level up the company has to have a selective search for the ideal match for manager to ensure they are able to take up the level of responsibilities of a brand manager.

This assignment will cover the following topics and detail the entire process of the recruitment and selection (Robert, 2005).

Figure 1: Recruitment and Selection

Source: Armstrong (2009)


A job analysis has to be developed to understand the key areas and the requirements of the job to ensure the scope and objectives are met by the individual. The following are the key areas which need to be looked at in terms of the role and responsibilities.

  • The skills needed to do the job
  • Special aptitudes
  • Technical knowledge
  • Essential qualifications to perform
  • Technical expertise
  • Elements of effectiveness and efficiency ( Delegation and Follow up)
  • Line of command
  • Future prospects – growth
  • Change that can affect the job

(Roberts, 2005)


Reason for recruitment in an organisation

  • The need for the creation of the position will be the basis for the recruitment
  • The additional responsibilities to improve the quality of existing work force
  • Enhancement of the work roles of existing employees where they cannot focus on mediocre tasks and thus require an additional hand to assist in tasks and responsibilities.
  • The enlargement of line brand where work force need to be managed

Apart from this general profile the specification the recruiter would need to understand the details of the requirement and the facet of requirements.

  1. Personality: Most people have personalities and these effects the role significantly. Personality is the key and in turn the division and then leading to company. Drive to achieve. Well-presented and ability to communicate well clear and efficient (Garner, 2011).
  2. Personal Situation:
  3. Specific job skills: Specific job skill come into direct requirement where manager of marketing should be able to know marketing creation tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe graphics designing into to play the managerial role. Intelligent to communicate and stimulate by means of written media. Comprehends the ideologies of marketing and advertising cost-effectiveness, and ensure the visions of all the tools are combined to be an effective marketing campaign.
  4. Understand to detailed mapping of market sector targeting, product offer development, features-benefits-solutions selling, cost per response, cost per conversion, etc.
  5. Appreciates need for consistency within company’s branding and marketing mix, especially public relations and the internet.
  6. Knowledge of managing advertising and marketing agency activities useful.
  7. Computer skills
  8. Literacy and numeracy
  9. Management ability

(Robert, 2005)

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Job analysis is the first step to understanding the entire recruitment process. Job analysis is the process of understanding the role and the requirement of a takes and the main objectives behind the recruitment.

  • Utilising the job to understand the skill set requirement
  • Understanding the profile of the required person
  • Define the duties
  • Areas required to be covered/ extent of working relations

(Newell, 2011)


A job description entitles a company to ensure that role and limitation and specific tasks are attained through a job description.

  1. Ensure employees complete work objectives
  2. Meet monthly KPIs and review performance with chain of command
  3. Coordinate and liaise with clients and suppliers
  4. Ensure market demand of the product is created and established.
  5. Specifications about the work such as e.g. meet KPIs, attend meeting management meeting, create and develop promotions etc. (Dessler, 2008),

The degree of worker’s accountability for each phase of the work is to ensure that tasks are broken down into segment making it less complex and quick to complete, to ensure follow through and scale of work is performed though breaks down of mass production (Campton et al, 2010).


Unilever UK and Ireland is seeking a brand manager for international reputed line of products for Dove.

Position: Brand Manager for Unilever UK and Ireland


  • Self-motivated individual who will be able to manage an account under the Unilever brand be able to multitask and ability to achieve the required performance KPI of the project.
  • Have a first degree in 1st or 2nd Class Honours from a recognise university and or Master’s degree from a recognised university and or a professional membership from CIM etc.
  • 3-5 years working experience in brand management.
  • Fluent in English and able to communicate
  • Ability to work long hours and achieve targets and improve brand presence.


  • Managing information and ensuring administration of performance
  • Monitoring and reporting of the performance and review and counteract performance indicators
  • Communication to internal and external parties
  • Evaluation and decision making
  • Managing direct and indirect reporting staff
  • Training and assessing direct reporting staff
  • Formulation and creation of strategy for performance directives
  • Developing and creating policies to ensure new procedures and developed to improve, enhance and maintain set standards
  • Ensure corporate social responsibility is being conducted semester
  • Attain training to enhance knowledge skill set

(Unilever, 2014)

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In head hunting process most companies today seek the ideal fit for the job vs. creating the job to fit the personality. However, it is highly debated that companies should base their selection on based on other factors which play a crucial part of the process.

The problem with recruitment is that all candidates might not be a perfect fit. However, the recruitment process will still have set back if the position is not provided with proper visibility to attain the applications of potential candidates (Gusdorf, 2008).

  1. Visibility of the position to find the correct person
  2. Market deficiency of supply of brand managers meeting the criteria
  3. Remuneration and benefits offered might be provided as industry standards

The advantages of going through the process of job analysis and person selection process

  1. The scope of the requirements will be identified
  2. A cross analysis of identifying potential candidates i.e. from which markets and segment the candidate would ideally suited can be understood
  3. The ideal candidates entire profile is developed
  4. Head hunting can be conducted through agencies and other medias to advertise the post
  5. Head hunting in these terms might bring about other prospective candidates which will be able to take up the role from other companies who are existing high performer. (Walter, 2011)
  1. The ideal candidate might not always fit the position and might require higher remuneration than what the company is offering
  2. The person might be not be able to be a cultural fit to the company and might not be adoptive to the company operations and work well with other people
  3. The company might not be able to retain the person for more than 1-3 years as people grow out of their positions
  4. Personal situation the “ideal” might not be able to commit to the company based on personal and other commitments
  5. The notice period which the person has to provide to the current employer might be too long as the job requirements might be immediate.

(Gusdorf, 2008)

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Unilever in the recent has been using social media to gain the interest of their perfect candidate LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube to become market prominent to find the best and the high performers. The graduate management trainee programme is one of the most sought after elite programmes for graduate looking for their first job. There is a separate section terms “professionals” that lists down their vacancies in management based on all region of all Unilever worldwide opportunities. The Unilever push strategy has been them one of the sought after employers. (Garner, 2011)

(Unilever: LinkedIn Page, 2014)


Rodgers seven point plans identified physical make up attainments, intelligence, special aptitudes, interest’s disposition and circumstances. However, even finding the ideal candidate with all the attribute might not be possible as people have different skills and weakness and also will have certain capacities, the ideal candidate cannot be found. In doing so there might be serious gaps which the person might be lacking confidences to do the job, the responsibility and most of the ability to take on challenges and work under pressure which is a practical fact.

Munros five point process deals with impact, qualification, brain abilities, motivation and adjustment. These factors are reasonably framed where these are key elements to look at when recruitment.

In my opinion the position should be created for the candidate vs. the candidate fitting into the new position. This can improve the motivation and also bring different thinking to the table.


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