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A research project of understanding mobile user’s attitude towards Nokia Lumia


The Mobile industry is a widely developing industry and this industry is highly affected by rapid changes together with innovations taken place in the mobile industry. Mostly the changes of the mobile culture have been commenced with the start of the collaborations taken place in the mobile devices and the information technology. Due to this collaboration, the core purpose and the use of the mobile has been largely deviated. With these variations the mobile business firms have been taken necessary steps to cope with the change of the market to survive in the industry. The direction of this study is to assess the path of the Nokia in the midst of the smart phone generation through the introduction of Lumia range. The assessment is done by exploring the customer perception towards the functionality of Nokia Lumia, through its capacity to fulfil the customers’ expectations in the concurrent mobile culture in the markets.

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Published: 30 Nov -0001 Views: 0 Type: Research Project