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The worldwide airline business delivers a service to almost all nations in the world and has played a dynamic part in the formation of a worldwide economy. The carrier industry itself is a crucial economic strength, in terms of both its own processes and its impressions on linked industries such as air craft manufacturing and tourism. For airlines, the future will hold numerous encounters. Usually, the airline business is tackled with many risks and incidents due to many reasons. It has been faced with multiple threats and triumphant airlines will be those that continue to tackle these risks and provide safety to their operations and the facility operators. In this report, I will be assessing the key terms, incident, accident, emergency and risks when it comes to the aviation industry. Also risk models and theories applied to the aviation industry will be explained and the risk matrix model will be explained with possible solutions to mitigate these issues.

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Published: 10 Dec 2018 Views: 0 Type: Report Writing