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Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Businesss

This assignment is discussing about the aspects of contract law, and negligence by applying to the different practical scenario. According to that in the first part of the assignment is discussing about the essential elements, terms & conditions of a valid contract. In the second part, the elements, terms and conditions are identified in the section one has been applied to the current business situations & practical life. In third part, tort liability, negligence of tots and contractual liability is discussed. And section four this theories were in section two applied or theory mode. And at the finale, merit and distinctions part have been answered.

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Published: 05 Mar 2018 Views: 3 Type: Assignment



The focus of this study will be to research on the promotional and advertising aspect in the business industry. Cathedral cheese from Diary Crest has been selected to plan a marketing and promotional plan. The study will be carried out as a theoretical application on an actual product that is available in the market. Marketing is an essential part of the business development and growth in the modern business environment. How the marketing plan can affect a business in various aspects will be analysed in the study with use of application to a product. And after doing a research on the product and the market, a practical marketing plan will be developed and implemented for the business that can be used in an actual situation.

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Published: 10 Dec 2018 Views: 0 Type: Report Writing