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Assessing and Interpreting Macro- Economic data

 This report mainly addresses the recent performance of the economy of Poland by analysing its macro-economic data for the period of 2006 to 2011. According to the World Bank, the economy of Republic of Poland, which is located in Central Europe, east of Germany, is a higher income generated economy and one of the fastest and efficient economies in Europe while being the sixth largest economy in Europe ( It has persistently followed a policy of economic liberalisation since the year 1990 and its program called “shock therapy” enabled it to be a robust economy in Central Europe. Republic of Poland was the only country in Europe that avoided a decline of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Hence, it is interesting to analyse macro-economic data of Poland to determine the extent to which its economical performance has been effective. Accordingly recent economic performance of Republic of Poland has been given by the appendix 01.

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Managerial Economics

Under the economic underpinnings the price or the survival of a any good or a service is determined on the demand and the supply of the particular good or the service and they are traded within the market based on the determined prices with several fluctuations taken place due to various factors that influence the demand and supply conditions. However the customers as well as the firms in the market place have planned their buying and selling decision basically by considering the behaviour of the relevant demand and supply of the good or the service. Further this demand and supply behavioural analysis is very much important for the forecasting decisions, that to develop insights about the future proceedings of a specific good or a service. Basically this study exists to examine the behavioural patterns of the housing prices in the free market context and to derive critically the factors influence the demand and supply of housing prices during their trading functions. For the accomplishment of the aforesaid task, the UK housing industry was selected, by mainly considering on the behavioural patterns for six years of the period starting from the year 2006 to 2012.

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