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The evaluation of the impacts of employees’ motivation towards customer service in hospitality industry: Case study of Holiday Inn Hotels, London


This chapter identifies the background of the research focusing on the industry overview , company overview and the theoretical framework associated with the research. The research aim and the research objectives are also explained in this chapter. The limitations of the  study are further described with the practicability of the research.

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An investigation the impacts of employee motivation on customer service


 As a result of increased completion in the market organisations have tended to implement different types of business and marking strategies to compete with rivals. Effective and efficient customer service is one main strategy to retain and acquire customers to the organisation. This research project mainly focuses on how organisations can improve their customer service by motivating employees.

When considering the contents of this research project it mainly consists with five tasks. The first task refers to the research proposal. In this task the researcher prepares a research project outline, project specification, research plan and also explains factors affecting the process of research project selection. The task two is referred to the literature review. During this task the researcher discusses the literature related to employee motivation and customer service. Also the researcher matches the findings of the literature review with research questions and hypotheses. Task three is referred to data collection and investigation. In this task the researcher collects primary data using a survey questionnaire and records them in an appropriate format. The task four is about research findings. In this task the researcher analyses collected data and discusses about results and findings. Also the researcher makes some recommendations based on those results and findings. In the final task the researcher presents and explains the outcomes of the investigation in a more understandable manner.

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Evaluation of factors influence on employee satisfaction: Case Study of TESCO PLC


According to the ideas of O’Malley (2000), a Labour force of an organisation is treated as the main driving force of an organisation. Therefore most of the business organisations in the recent markets, tend to make a great weight on the human resources policies, to properly place their employee related functions. The findings of the Herman (1999), illustrate that, the employees can make a great impact on the customers related activities, as they are directly taking the business to the customers, by exchanging ideas with them. Therefore the level of employee satisfaction is very essential, especially to maintain a positive image of the business through employee engagement. Kreisman (2002), presented that the level of satisfaction of employees can be created through several strategies. Further he argued that, these influential factors of satisfaction should be varied accordingly, based on the nature of the employee as well as the nature and capability of the business.


Under this aspect, the talent of the organisation is to correctly place the appropriate influencing factors for the employee motivation, to maintain and retain their workforce. This study is conducted along this path, by analysing the actual proceedings of Tesco PLC, with respect to their existing factors used for the satisfaction of their employees. Based on the identified facts of the employee satisfaction and the recognised theoretical aspects have collaborated together to critically analyse the practical as well as theoretical background of the employee satisfaction emerged within the business context.

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An investigation the impacts of employees training and development towards customer service Case study of Vodafone, UK


Task 1: Project Proposal
1.1  Background of study

Research project investigates the impact of employee training and development towards customer service of Vodafone, UK. The telecommunication sector is highly competitive in modern marketplace due to developments of technology and several other factors. Every company wants to be competitive in the marketplace which competitiveness can be achieved through quality of products and services. Telecommunication companies equally  provide both products and services for the customers in the marketplace (Farber, 2009). Therefore, customer service of Telecommunication Company will play vital role in the development of competitive advantage in an organisation. Customer service depends on quality of employee performance of the company. Employee performance can be increased with better training and development activities, employee rewarding, employee motivation and etc. On the other hand training and development activities lead to improve employee personal and professional skills under properly planned on the job or off the job training methods (Hernadez, 2009: p. 35). Therefore, it is possible to use employee training and development programs to improve employee performance when delivering customer services. Vodafone has also identified the importance of usage of training and development programs to improve employee performance in an organisation (Vodafone Website, 2012).

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Published: 07 Nov 2018 Views: 0 Type: Research Project