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 This chapter discusses about the introduction of the research study. The first section identifies background of the study which provides clear identification of literature. The second section identifies the significance of the study which understands the importance of research study. Next section identifies research aims, objectives and questions. The sixth section discusses the rationale of the study which discusses practicability of the research investigation process. The seventh section considers the scope of the research. The eighth section discusses about research limitations.

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An investigation of the impact of direct marketing strategies in customer acquisition

 Current business environment is so complex and competitive than in the past. The organisations are doing innovations, introducing new products and production methods, in accordance with the growing requirements of the different customers. The organisational responsibility is to satisfy their customers by fulfilling their needs. In present, marketing management takes high volume of responsibility in relation to the organisational growth. Marketing management is operating from the beginning to end of the product life cycle including customers’ satisfaction, and feedback of them. As we know, the marketing management is a process of dealt among 4 - P’s of Product, Price, Place and Promote. Though we identified it as a separate function or division, the research & development also a part of the marketing management function. As the key marketing concept promotion is taken high attention and there have several ways are used by the organisations to promote their products and direct marketing is one of most common and critical method to the organisations to promote their products. This research is related to the marketing management function of direct marketing and in here we are going to discuss regarding increasing the market share of the organisation by using the direct marketing strategies and as our base of the explanation we will be using the British Gas Service Ltd.

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Marketing Principles



Marketing is an important process to take the product to the market. It is necessary to implement processes and mechanisms to give maximum publicity to make the product name visible to the market. On the other hand customers are having different requirements in their mind. Sometimes those variations are slightly different one to the other. Marketing process needs to understand all those requirements and device suitable mechanisms to fulfil those requirements. Organisations are applying different methods to understand customer requirements. Those methods include surveys and information gathering to clearly gather those requirements. In this assignment the marketing principles applied to the Coca Cola Company. It consists of the information and the methods that the Coca Cola applied to understand the segmentation and positioning of their products. Promoting products to the target segment involve identifying the effects and the behaviour of the external environment and its behaviour. As a marketer it is necessary to understand all the areas which are relevant to the marketing and promotion.


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Marketing Intelligence


This report consists of an analysis of the various marketing tools and techniques utilised in the marketing process that involves with Marketing Intelligence. In today’s context marketing has become an essential requirement in the business processes and this is integrated with the customers of the organization. Thus, the first section of the report presents an evaluation on the buyer behaviour and the factors affecting their decision making process. And thereby highlights the relationship on corporate image and brand in obtaining repeat purchases and creating a loyal customer base. The second section of the report highlights the importance of market researches. This section thereby evaluates the secondary as well as primary data obtaining processes, a potential market research plan and designing a customer satisfaction survey in order to ensure the company has obtained its desired objectives. Finally the report analyses the importance of market size and trend based on a recognised organization and carries out a competitive analysis. And thereby concludes with an analysis on the opportunities and threats which are important for the organization to build up its marketing strategies and thereby achieve corporate objectives.

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Sales Planning and Operations


This report is on sales planning and operations. It has covered the subject lines of the newly emerging marketing strategies. It includes the aspects of personal selling and its contribution in other promotional activities followed by the special references to different buyer behavior and decision making process. As it is said no business can survive without analyzing, this reports has included the role of sales teams and how to handle them in a business environment. It is very important aspect to understand the customer needs, in order meet the customer needs sales strategies helps to a great extent. Also one should know the use of sales strategies and should also aware of the worth of these tips. Then this report goes on explaining the use of database in effective sales management. Then in later part the report talks on how to identify the opportunity to enter an emerging market, and to investigate the use and opportunity and correct time for trade fair etc…

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Marketing Principle & Business Practice

 This assignment analyzes two questions, which are customer decision making model (CDMM) and market segmentation. Customer decision making model is a decision making process of a customer before buy a product. In the process, purchase decision consider as a main decision because it transfer product ownership to a customer (Magretta, 2002). The process is a combination of five steps. They are identification of customer problem, need or want, search for possible option to fulfill the need or resolve the identified problem, evaluate identified options through SAF approach, purchasing decision and post purchase audit. In special occasions customers skip some levels of CDMM and make sudden but effective decisions. Second question is to explain market segmentation and identify appropriate market segment for sell iPad. Through detailed analysis, company identify two possible market segments, that is people value and work with timely information (work with laptops, mobile phones, internet connectivity and etc) as long term market segment and early adopter who like to experience latest innovations as short term market segment. At the same time company has to undertake some advertising and promotional activities to market iPad among identified market segments (Lynch, 2003).

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